Case Study:


The Focus

iCoolSport is the largest global ice bath manufacturer in the world, creating ice baths for stadiums, clubs, and the Olympics. Based in Queensland, Australia, the business required a way to manage and grow their wholesale database, as well as manage their sales reps, CRM functions, customer service, and inventory. With a vision to streamline their sales processes, they partnered with Mensatech, a leading Salesforce implementation services provider.

The Solution & Results

Our team of experienced software consultants took a high level of care to thoroughly understood iCoolSport's business processes and use case. The team implemented Salesforce to automate and improve their wholesale database management, sales rep management, CRM functions, customer service, and inventory management. With Salesforce's powerful reporting features, Mensatech helped iCoolSport analyse their sales and order data to make data-driven decisions. Mensatech's expertise and strong customer raport ensured a seamless implementation experience, resulting in a significant improvement in iCoolSport's data management capabilities.

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