Data Analytics

Mensatech provides valuable data insights that drive growth, using flexible and user-friendly formats to consolidate complex datasets. Our ETL services ensure reliable and accessible data, allowing you to focus on the insights that will take your business to the next level.

Data-driven Growth Solutions

Mensatech Data Analytics & ETL Services Transform Various Sources Into a Single Database

Efficient and Accurate Analysis

Whether identifying trends, predicting future outcomes, or optimising business processes, Mensatech data analytics services provide valuable insights that can drive growth and success. Our experts help maximise the value of your data, especially as datasets continue to grow in size and complexity. 

Our data analytics modules offer a way to present large and complex datasets in a variety of flexible, user-friendly formats. Consolidate your data, access and analyse the information you need to make informed decisions with Mensatech today.

Data Integration

What does ETL stand for?

ETL is short for extract, transform, and load; a data integration process that consolidates data from various sources into a consistent data store. The rise of databases saw ETL evolve as the primary method for processing data for data warehousing projects. This process plays a vital role in data analytics and saving small business owners time by cleansing and organising data through business rules that address specific business intelligence needs. 

From monthly reporting to advanced analytics, ETL can optimise back-end processes and simplify the analysis of business data. ETL is often most commonly used to extract data from legacy systems, improve data quality through cleansing, and load data into a desired target database.

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Our data services

Track everything in one location with integration that puts actionable data at your fingertips

There are a few ways that Mensatech helps businesses leverage data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. Our team delivers a comprehensive suite of services of experts with deep knowledge and experience handling diverse data sources. We empower businesses to transform their data into a strategic asset, driving growth and profitability with the following services:

Data integration

We can combine data from multiple sources, which may be stored in different formats and located in varying systems, into a unified view. This process involves extracting data from the source systems, transforming it to meet specific requirements, and loading it into a target system. The goal of data integration is to provide a unified view of data that users can easily access and analyse.

Data warehousing

This is the process of collecting and storing data from multiple sources in a centralised repository. The data is structured in a way that facilitates analysis and reporting with data warehouses typically optimised for read-heavy workloads. The goal is a design that will support business intelligence and reporting applications. The data is organised into dimensional models that allow for fast query performance to create more efficient processes for your team.


Data can be used to gain insights and make informed decisions, and analytics involves applying statistical and mathematical techniques to data to identify patterns and trends. Analytics aims to provide insights that can be used to optimise business processes, identify new opportunities, and improve decision-making. If required, this may also include descriptive analytics, which summarises past performance and predictive analytics to forecast future performance and provide recommendations for future action. 

To analyse data, Mensatech currently implements Salesforce reports and dashboards along with Tableau dashboards. These are two distinct platforms that offer powerful data analytics and visualisation capabilities:

  • Salesforce Analytics: This business intelligence and analytics tool is native to the Salesforce platform and designed to help businesses analyse and visualise their data from various sources within Salesforce, including sales, service, marketing, and customer data. 
  • Tableau Analytics: This data visualisation and business intelligence tool is designed to work with data from multiple sources. It allows connection to various data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and cloud services, to analyse and visualise their data in real-time. Tableau provides a wide range of visualisation options and analytical tools, allowing the creation of custom dashboards, reports, and visualisations that meet specific business needs.

Data modelling

Our team can create a conceptual representation of data structures and relationships with data models. We design databases and data warehouses to help developers understand the structure of the data they are working with. A well-designed data model can help ensure that the data is organised to support business requirements and is easy to query and analyse.

ERP Integration

We can integrate an ERP system with other systems or applications within your organisation, such as customer relationship management, supply chain management, or human resources software. The goal is to create a seamless flow of information between different departments and systems, enabling you to streamline business processes and improve overall efficiency

Unlock the power of Salesforce for your business

Discover how our Salesforce expertise and customised solutions can optimise your business processes and drive growth.

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Streamlined Data Analytics

Data Accessibility and Security for Informed Decisions

Data accessibility is a critical component of a successful data analytics strategy. We work to ensure that you and your team can easily engage in data analysis by making data more accessible across the organisation. Your data has hidden value and provides the ability to gain deeper insights when displayed correctly.

A quality data analytics platform and a cloud-native ETL tool can accelerate the journey from raw data to valuable insights that inform better decision-making. Harness the full potential of Menstatech's data analytics service and drive business growth in today's modern digital economy. 

Mensatech can help businesses leverage third-party data by centralising everything in Salesforce, providing a secure and reliable platform to store and analyse. Data privacy is paramount, and customers are increasingly aware of how their data is being used, so businesses must have robust security measures in place. By centralising data in Salesforce, you can ensure data is secure and protected against potential data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Insightful Analytics Strategy

Helping you realise the true potential of your data with data analytics

The value of your data has nothing to do with volume or number of sources; it's all in the insights it provides your business to drive growth. In today's fast-paced economy, traditional on-premises and legacy ETL approaches are no longer sufficient for accessing and analysing data. Instead, we recommend leveraging cloud data analytics as a cost-effective way to gain valuable insights.

Effective data analytics requires accurate and accessible data combined with a proven strategy and the right tech stack. With this in place, your business will have a competitive edge thanks to timely and accurate insights. Our Mensatech data experts will transform raw data from multiple sources into analytics-ready formats at scale. In addition, we efficiently facilitate seamless integration with business intelligence and visualisation tools.

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