Case Study:


The Focus

Renteca is a leading supplier of welding and plant equipment based in Wacol, Queensland. Despite being an existing Salesforce customer, they were facing significant challenges with their CRM setup. The processes were not properly understood, reporting was lacking, and pipeline management capabilities were not up to the mark. Moreover, the website contact form was not integrated with Salesforce, leading to lost leads and customer data.

The Solution & Results

Mensatech experts stepped in and took charge of the situation. Our team of experienced software consultants worked closely with Renteca to understand their business processes and successfully implemented a Salesforce revamp. We customised the CRM to fit the specific needs of the business, creating better reporting functionality and fine-tuning the pipeline management capabilities. We also integrated the website contact form with Salesforce, ensuring that no leads or customer data are lost. The result was a CRM system that was tailored to the unique requirements of Renteca's business, enabling them to operate more efficiently and effectively.By partnering with Mensatech, Renteca was able to leverage the power of Salesforce to improve their overall operations. Our team's experience and expertise in software consulting and customer service enabled us to successfully navigate the challenges Renteca was facing with their CRM setup. We are proud to have helped Renteca become more intelligent, efficient, and effective in their business processes.

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