Case Study:

Sale By Home Owner

The Focus

Sale By Home Owner, a North Queensland-based real estate portal, wanted to streamline their listing process and maximise sales efforts. They needed a centralised database to track listing changes and customer information, as well as integration with well-known Australian real estate portals to reduce administration time. To achieve these goals, they partnered with Mensatech, a renowned Salesforce implementation services provider.

The Solution & Results

Our expert team at Mensatech worked closely with Sale By Home Owner to understand their articulate unique requirements. The team implemented Salesforce and developed a new custom built website to fully integrate the listing process within the Salesforce database for a whole business solution. This solution allowed Sale By Home Owner to track all listing changes and customer information in one centralised place, increasing efficiency and productivity. The integration with well-known Australian real estate portals eliminated administration time in uploading new listing information, further streamlining the administrative and data sharing process for an improved end user experience. The CRM also provided valuable insights and analytics to assist Sale By Home Owner in maximising their sales efforts.

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