Business Leadership
July 14, 2023

5 Ways Salesforce Can Help My Business Grow

If you’re wondering how Salesforce can help my business grow, check out these 5 ways.

There are plenty of CRM options for marketing to improve efficiencies within your business. You may be at the stage where you’re contemplating which one will help your business grow rather than simply fixing a problem. Salesforce provides a range of benefits to your business that will both fix operation problems and help your business grow.

1. Modular set up lets you pay for what you need, when you need it

Small to medium sized businesses are rarely in a position to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a CRM. Salesforce is a modular system meaning you only implement a CRM for areas within the business where it’s really needed. Modules such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud to name a few, allow you to implement a solution where it’s needed without paying for the whole deluxe package in one go.Say your Sales team is really struggling to keep up with all the leads they’re receiving and they need a CRM implemented quickly to support their growth. Your business may not have the resources to implement all the solutions they need however, implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud will give them the solution they need with the framework to implement additional solutions at a later stage of growth.

2. Increased visibility into where the business is actually performing

Data and insights are two very different things. Visibility into both these elements is elevated with a Salesforce solution. Bias within business operations tends to skew where we see growth and areas that need improvements. Salesforce takes data and organises it into valuable insights to make decision making more accurate and streamlined.Visibility is just the beginning of growth driven by Salesforce. It’s the judgements and decisions made from the data that allow a business the opportunity to make smart decisions. Rather than shooting in the dark, choose areas to focus on based on evidence.

3. Standardisation of business processes when more staff join the equation

It’s much easier to operate at a smaller scale with no processes. As teams grow, the original person who created the processes often gets further away from the daily operations. Sharing information from one person's brain can become difficult when there is no standard way to share information. Salesforce offers more than processes and required fields.When training staff, it’s easier for staff to understand what is required of them when it’s easy to see. Validation and automation, as well as process prompts, remind new and training staff what information they need to ask for and fill out. Forms and required information make learning the process and adoption of a new system much easier.

4. Familiar interface for sales workers for easier uptake and decreased training time

Salesforce has been around for a long time and is used in a variety of industries. Chances are, experienced salespeople, have used a version of Salesforce at some point in their careers. During phases of growth, training new staff can become a timely and difficult process. Having to train a sales rep on a system they’ve never used before makes that whole process much harder.Implementing a CRM that sales staff are familiar with makes the onboarding and training process much easier. Although all Salesforce solutions are different, the fundamental basics of a Salesforce solution can generally be recognised by someone who has interacted with the system. The cloud based server with all its module additions makes Salesforce a platform scaleable for staff, operations and processes.

5. The ability to think big but act small

A common bottleneck in growing businesses is the tendency to get stuck in the every actions. Meetings pop up, work needs to be completed quickly and long term processes are too big of an idea to think about. Salesforce does the thinking big for you so that you can focus on the day-to-day application.All Salesforce products integrate with each other meaning you don’t need to stress about expanding your CRM when your business is ready to. The cloud based software allows you to start with one product, nail the process, understand how you want the business to shift and then create a path forward with the basics that you have.

Growth with Salesforce

Each CRM you evaluate will have it’s pros and cons. Be mindful when deciding on which CRM to implement that you consider the long term growth and position you’d like your business to be in further down the track. Salesforce offers a platform to solve your short and long term goals without having to re-invent the wheel at every stage.