March 24, 2023

Tech Solutions for Australian Real Estate

Mensatech Builds A Tech Solution For Sale By Home Owner To Revolutionise The Australian Real Estate Industry Online.

Selling homes within Australia has been a pain point for many Aussies for years now. With the introduction of online capabilities to list, research and buy houses, the playing field has become increasingly painful. Large brands such as, and have faced a difficult task of making brick and mortar properties available for the initial viewing online.

Sale by Home Owner approached Mensatech with a unique approach to buying, selling and renting properties through online marketing initiatives. In the Real Estate industry within Australia, there are a lot of challenges that both sellers and landlords face when advertising their properties. Sale By Home Owner had a goal of empowering property owners and managers to take control of their property marketing and simplifying the advertising process. We’ve highlighted a few benefits that the new Sale by Home Owner platform provides for the Australian Real Estate market.

Seamless Platform Integration

The rapid expansion of technology to replace manual tasks has put many industries behind. From customers demanding convenient and efficient online access, to daily processes crippling business functions. The real estate industry within Australia desperately needed a solution to increase the flow of data between various platforms and systems. Mensatech have successfully built a portal that allows the input of information once to flow between internal and external platforms. The everyday Aussie trying to sell their home can fill out their house profile once and expect to see the same information displayed on other major real estate portals.

Workflow Automation

The portal built on the powerful Salesforce platform speaks between the different systems ensuring security and consistency throughout the process. Staff at Sale by Home Owner (SBHO) no longer need to spend hours copying and pasting listings on various platforms or trying to coordinate the updating of information ensuring consistency across the process. This front end portal available to customers connects to the SBHO internal Salesforce system to securely store and disseminate content. Staff at SBHO can track listings, customer profiles, information updates and subscriptions across their platform and other major Australian real estate platform.

Customer Satisfaction

From a customer perspective, this custom smart solution means that all they need to do is login, create a listing and make payment. Customers can continue to make changes to their current listings and have them update across all platforms. That means no waiting for real estate administration to get the time to update their listing. Customers can take full control of their listings online without a disconnect within the real estate company. SBHO can focus on providing an efficient platform and a personalised experience as their time consuming tasks are managed by a smart system.

Tech Solutions Revolutionise Aussie Real Estate

Typically in the Australian real estate industry we see real estate and developers relying on a multitude of different systems to manage different aspects of their businesses process, whilst also trying to manage customer expectations and satisfaction. With Mensatechs intelligent and unique solution built on Salesforce, SBHO is well on their way of having a single unified platform to handle all aspects of their business while providing a simple streamlined service for their customers.