Business Leadership
March 20, 2023

More work, Less Effort. Salesforce Solutions

A Good CRM Should Allow More Work With Less Effort For Your Stuff. A Salesforce Solution Is Sure To Increase Your Staff Efficiency.

With the state of technology in today’s fast-pace business environment, not automating your processes is almost a liability. Knowing that something can be done more efficiently and remaining passive to the possibilities of technology will cost your business more than money. Utilising a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform is quickly becoming a business norm. If you don’t have one or aren’t working on building one, how are you efficiently managing your business to scale? We’re genuinely curious.

A CRM of any sort will streamline your processes, save time, and increase productivity. This means more work completed in less time with less effort! There is a whole list of benefits a CRM like Salesforce will bring to your business. We’re going to break this list down for you so you can see the value we see in a Salesforce solution.

Automation of Routine Tasks

A skilled workforce is able to adapt to new technology, systems and processes. The average workforce however, relies heavily on repetitive tasks for a system to run efficiently. If Becky in the accounts team takes 2 days off, is your business going to crumble? If yes, we are certain that there is an automation option for Becky’s repetitive tasks. We’re not saying get rid of Becky. We’re saying that automating the time consuming tasks she completes on a daily basis will free up her time to focus on other things within the business. Such as speaking with customers about paying their bills, onboarding new customers and working on company projects.

Salesforce has a multitude of tools and solutions that can be used to automate a range of activities. From data entry and account tracking to follow-up emails. Looking at the nitty gritty tasks that staff spend so much of their time completing and implementing an efficient way to complete these tasks faster will mean more work with less effort.

Centralised Data Management

There are plenty of platforms to help you manage specific tasks. Google docs, excel spreadsheets, contact books, google drive, the list goes on. Maybe you have multiple versions of documents and can never figure out which is the latest version. Have you had someone accidentally delete a whole bunch of data that you really need? Salesforce solutions provide a cloud-based platform to bring all these functions into one. Seamlessly communicate with your team across projects and documents without jumping between multiple systems.

A central place to hold all your data means staff can always come back to their Salesforce dashboard to find everything they need to complete their tasks. Minimise the effort needed to find exactly what they’re looking for to increase productivity. Reduce the amount of dead time between tasks by storing all documents and links to appropriate folders in a centralised location. The risk of loosing critical data or security breaches is minimised when all your data is managed collectively.

Improved Collaboration

Technology companies and systems understand the importance of collaboration between and across teams. That’s why there are so many platforms and systems integration chat and tagging applications. They significantly increase the efficiencies and capabilities within a range of activities. However, when you’re chatting between 3 programs, 14 documents and emails, keeping up becomes difficult.

Salesforce integration allows you to see granular and top level oversight of projects, documentation, individual customer profiles and more. The ability to find answers for yourself and track your workload in an aggregate platform is invaluable for a working professional seeking to get more work done with less effort. Collaborate with your team and get yourself organised with a system built specifically for your organisation.

Analytics & Reporting

Just like Cash is King, Data is Detrimental to sustainable growth within any business. Blindly making decisions and justifying budget spend based on your sales manager telling you they’ve spoken to more people this month is ludicrous. Data and facts allow you to make informed decisions and forecast growth based on identifiable patterns. That said, staring at data means nothing to the majority of people. It’s the insights and story that the data tells which makes it valuable.

View analytics and generate intuitive reports with a Salesforce solution. Not only can Salesforce show you internal CRM data, it allows data from third party applications such as google ads to flow seamlessly into reports. This means the insights your receiving show a holistic view of your business. From marketing initiatives to sales numbers and customer retention. Identify high performing areas, track progress and pin point bottle necks. This saves time by eliminating the need for staff to manually compile and analyse data while removing human error and vague analysis.

Mobile Access

The business environment we’re operating in has shifted dramatically since 2019. Staff demand flexibility in their working life which requires an accessible system. Cloud-based CRM systems allow your team to work on the same operating network without compromising security and productivity. From mobile to desktop applications, a system like Salesforce provides a solution imperative for mobile efficiency.

High level staff travelling to international meetings can access the same system on their phone in the airport that Becky can access when working from home. This level of accessibility and efficiency is critical for a system working interdepartmental. A shift in mindset is required from top level management to realise that mobile platforms are not just for convenience or the ability to simply say it’s “mobile friendly.” Salesforce allows staff to stay on top of their tasks and manage their own priorities.

Salesforce Allows More Work with Less Effort

Salesforce has helped many small businesses break through their operational bottlenecks. A Salesforce solution can save your staff time and increase productivity by automating routine tasks, centralising data management, providing mobile access, improving collaboration, and offering analytics and reporting tools. By implementing Salesforce, your staff can work more efficiently, freeing up time to focus on other important tasks that require their expertise and attention. Speak to a Mensatech consultant to discuss how these solutions are possible for your business.